How To Craft With Glitter


Glitter is one of the most versatile materials to craft with. You can use it on fabric, glass, plastic, paper, or wood. You can wear it in your hair, on your nails, in your makeup, or on your clothing and accessories. You can knit or crochet with glitter yarn, you can use it with rubber stamping in scrapbooking and card-making, and you can add a little extra glitz to everything in your home with glitter. Everyone likes a little sparkle now and then, from children to teens to grandparents. Use this guide to get you started!


Low-Grade Chunky Glitter: This is the kind you used in school to make hand-print Thanksgiving decorations and other art projects. You may still have some stuck to your kitchen table from that craft you decorated 20 years ago.

Spray-On Glitter: Use this type on fabric or in projects such as wreath-making that need a uniform coating of sparkle. Spray-on comes in an aerosol can, like spray paint.

Glitter Glue: Squeeze this gel onto paper projects, clothing you’re embellishing, or other crafts that need a three dimensional sparkling finish.

Fine Powder Glitter: Use this to emboss with rubber stamping projects or in your scrapbooks how to grow beard faster.

Ways to Craft with The Sparkly Stuff:

Crochet or Knit with Glitter Yarn: This yarn isn’t exactly glitter in the traditional sense; rather, it’s yarn that is mixed with strands of metallic thread for a similar look.

Your Wardrobe: Like I said, you can add glitter to just about anything, from your bag to your shoes to your T-Shirt.

Papercrafting: The most obvious of uses is in scrapbooking, cardmaking, and other papercrafts.

Decorate your Homer: If you’re attracted to bright, sparkly, shiny things, why not make your home shine and sparkle? Make home accents using the above techniques to add glamour to your life.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use a noodger to fix mistakes.
2. Work with loose glitter over a piece of newspaper to catch and reuse the extra bits that fall.
3. If you don’t have the special glue, draw a design or write a message with regular glue and then sprinkle with loose glitter for the same effect.
4. Learn the basics of heat embossing.
5. Make your own stained glass with glitter.

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