Smoking, Learned Breath Problem to Change Stress – Core-Breathing to Replace Smoking and Stress


When its time for a person to stop smoking and start to live their whole life, some time should be spent to realize what smoking is doing for them on a emotional level by the way the habit affects stress and their emotional mood. Smoking is an emotional physical act that has been learned that was created into a habit that changes a persons emotional mood while they smoke. When a person just stops smoking their is a physical and emotional mental conflict that takes place in the body and mind. How a person address these affects has a major affect on their attitude about recovery from smoking and what do they want to create emotionally from not smoking. Since smoking is a set of created emotions that is used every time person pickup a cigarette and when a person stop picking up that cigarette it changes their whole emotional experience. Developing new emotions is never ease but always a challenge and finding people that have enhance their enjoyment of life is a suggestion. Asking good questions is part of learning after person stops smoking.

By realizing the single most powerful physical act you do as you smoke, is to affect stress and create a calm mood within the context of the learned emotional habit of smoking. This is done on your exhalation of the smoke within the habit to affect physical stress Devilkin kit reviews, that affects emotions. Smoking can be seen as a breathing habit to affect stress and a persons emotional mood.

This program views smoking as breathing or breath problem for the act of smoking affects how a person breathe. This is an energy point of view, base on breath and ones spirit for they are link together and realizing this link gives a smoker ideas and concepts that lets them affect their stress and emotions that can replace the smoking affect that changes their stress. Smoking is learned form of breathing that affects your physical and emotional reality by changing stress that is repeated in the form of habit. Simply, smoking is habit to change your stress which changes your physical and emotional state of being and has other influences on how person feels.

The power of core/breathing program deals directly with stress in shoulder and tension in body through its techniques directed by the mind that enhances physical force and feeling through the physical body. There is a saying in this program, “Change your stress, you can change your emotional reality” and the most affective proven way is affect stress is in your breath exchange between inhale and exhale, for smoking is about how you breathe with a cigarette. View point, your breath supports your physical, emotional reality for how you breathe within emotional situations affects your stress.

Once person decides to stop smoking the first thing that happen is they are changing their breathing pattern during parts of the day and that breathing pattern is smoking created to affect stress. The problem for smokers is not having that breathing pattern with cluing from a cigarette that lessen stress in shoulders which affects the feeling through out the body. Missing that habit that changes stress is a real emotional problem and finding ideas and techniques that affect stress makes the transition from smoking to be non-smoker lot more effective.

It has be shown that by changing your breathing pattern by extending breathing range affects physical stress which affects emotions for every major stress reduction program has breathing part of their program. If you take a view point that smoking is a breathing habit that affects stress by changing your breathing pattern through the use a cigarette to affecting stress, then first question to change from smoking is how to breathe to affect stress. By learning a different breathing patterns and one that makes a person physically stronger and holding less stress into habit to replace smoking breathing and its affect to reduce stress. By seeing and understanding the end goal that your smoking habit does for you, gives a view what you have to do to create the same affect, yet it will be different and new with out a cigarette.

With clear view of your smoking habit as way to breathe to affect stress and your emotional state, it opens a new way to address the affects of smoking habit in a very direct way where the person create their breath to affect stress in a mindful way. Keep in mind always, look for the best methods that create ways to lessen conflict physically and emotionally when your stopping smoking. Change is hard when it address emotional stress within one behavior for it affects the mind, body and spirit to change from a old way of action to new way being.

This is a way of thinking about change for there is three points of view, they are mental, physical and spirit for these are words to focus on when a person wants to consciously change. It is the interplay between them that within person behavior action that person works with to over come smoking habit. Look at smoking from energy point of view to start off with and see how it affects mental and physical. For smoking has three basic parts that integrate together to affect stress and finding ways to affect each and then have them blend together.

The real problem when person address stress head on is ” PEOPLE LOVE THEIR STRESS” for it makes up their emotional reality and when you touch on that part of being human, fear holds people back base on not understanding and how to replace the fear with some form of emotional sense of self while interaction with others around them. Self is some form of, on going emotional value projection, interacting with others that affects emotional connections to life. Some types of fear stops good emotional development and its very much physical to mental for its about enjoyment within your own emotions.

Keep in mind the affect of smoking has on persons emotions will very greatly and its base on how they learned how to smoke and at what age and the level of fear around them at that time. When a person learns to smoke which is learning to breath with smoke which impacted their energy level that had affect their physical feeling to the brain that affected their attitude to deal with their fear. To stop smoking will affect people in very different ways but underlining emotions that person has to deal with is fear going back to when they learned how to smoke. People that had low level of fear and it was very much part of being with the group, for them to stop will have little affect but people that was going through lot emotional fear conflicts (children its about about fear of not knowing and their surrounding with others and how they fit in) and smoking help them get through it, will have a real emotional physical conflicts that they have to go through and work out with their stress. Stress is learned and the mind and body deals with it in different ways given the individual.

The three cluing components that make up smoking that once understood can aid someone in their program not to smoke and recover from smoking by finding ways to address stress. First is the physical cluing of the cigarette itself, and even the pack of cigarettes, will get the mind to start to think about smoking within its learned emotions set that affect stress that has be learned through repeated emotional behavior. Cigarette is a physical item that a person can feel when they hold it, that sends a signal to the brain and bring about emotional state of mind. The physical input is very strong force and not having the item that triggers a mental connection to emotional state that affects stress is a real lose to deal with stress.

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