A Unique Soccer World Cup Fantasy Betting League


I’ll be honest, I am not a really avid football fan; I appreciate the art and finesse of those players, but it is the boring build up play and “diving” that I find turns me away the sport. However, being a avid sports bettor, and the world cup being just one of the biggest sporting events (as well as gambling events) on the athletic calendar, I still do follow the entire world cup games results. The entire cup fantasy league that I participate in is a unique league that will require a little manual work to organise and collate benefits. However if run successfully, it guarantees prolonged interest during the entire world cup all the way to the last match.

The Fundamentals of world cup Bet the World Cup fantasy league are as follows:
Inch. Every participant submits the purchase amount that becomes the swimming pool of the winnings.
2. Every participant is subsequently allocated 100 units with which they can bid on players at a silent auction.
3. Each player then chooses 3 strikers and one team by composing a piece of newspaper that the player names and the most quantity of units which the player (team owner) wants to cover the gamer.
4. The league organiser then collates all the pieces of newspaper and determines the dream teams by allocating players into teams based on their owners bidding components.

The scoring system is simple because every team scores 1 point for every goal scored with a striker in their team, also loses 1 point to each goal allowed by their selected team. The issue is in selecting strikers and clubs which are going to continue in to the last games of the tournament, and additionally in deciding how much to bid for each player. At the close of the championship that the team with the highest score receives the pool of winnings.

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