A Backpack With Wheels?


I would not have assumed a knapsack with wheels would really help backpacking, however when I saw the web site for the “Wheelpacker”( TM), I was impressed. You wear a frame that affixes you to a rolled pack. It can even review logs as well as rocks. It started me thinking about just what other backpacking advancements are just waiting to be marketed. Below are a few of things I developed. Swipe these ideas, please.

Inflatable Frame Backpack

With frame-less backpacks we often put folded up resting pads in the pack for supporting against our backs and some assistance for the lots. Why not just have the part of the pack that relaxes against the customer’s back blow up. With the very same technology used for lightweight self-inflating sleeping bag pads, it would only include about six ounces. The backpack might then double as a foot-bag/pad for resting.

Taking this idea better, I envision a self-inflating backpack that folds out right into a sleeping pad. The backpack “frame” would be the pad, in a “U” shape for some strength in the pack. Self-inflating resting bag pads are as light as 14 ounces currently, and framework much less packs 12 ounces, so the mix can probably be made to consider just 20 ounces.

Wax Paper Food Bags

Place backpacking food in wax-paper packaging instead of plastic. The packages after that double as emergency situation fire-starters, since wax paper will normally shed also when wet.


When I need to bring more water I use the plastic bladders from boxed wine. They are light, solid, and also I pump up the bag with air to utilize as a cushion as well. To market a dual-purpose water container/pillow, it simply needs a soft removable treatment of some sort.

Coat Backpack

Why not a frame-less knapsack with a coat that belongs of the pack? It can be folded off the beaten track, and the pack would certainly have typical shoulder straps. When putting on the jacket, however, it would certainly stabilize the pack, maintain you warmer, and make it simple to press via heavy brush, since it wouldn’t catch on points as conveniently. It is something like wearing a large coat over a knapsack, however with the weight-savings as well as security that come from combining them. Maybe called a “Jacket Pack-it.”

Backpacking Game

Print a chess/checkers board on a coat or knapsack, and you have a carry-along video game that evaluates absolutely nothing extra. Great for investing hrs in the tent waiting out the rainfall. If you do not bring the items, stones or yearn cones can work as checkers.

Backpacking equipment concepts and innovations maintain popping into my head as I write this. Most are based upon the concept of “dual function” things. They might work, some might not, however it is an entertaining dose of inspiration from a backpack with wheels.

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